Uniform Bank

The fundamental ethos underpinning the Nobody Should Be Hungry project has always been that in a modern, civilised society and especially in one of the most wealthy and prosperous countries on the planet, nobody should ever have to go without the basics when others have far more than they could ever need. 

This philosophy obviously extends far beyond food, as whilst this is of course the most important thing that every person and family will need to remain healthy and to be able to function day to day, it’s far from the only thing that’s needed. Where members of our community are facing a daily choice between heating and eating, with parents having to regularly skip meals to ensure their children don’t go hungry, often the funds simply aren’t available to meet one off additional costs such as the purchase of new school uniforms, another financial pressure that so many local families can ill afford in such difficult times.

That’s why, alongside the Community Fridge project we’re setting up a School Uniform Bank which will be accessible to all members of the community, regardless of their circumstances, to help ensure that no child has to go without. A families financial situation shouldn’t have any bearing on children’s pride, dignity and self-respect, and we hope that through this initiative every child in the area will be able to proudly wear a high quality, good condition, full school uniform the same as all of their peers.

The exact form that the uniform bank will take is still being finalised – we will share full details in the near future. We hope to be able to offer as much brand new and good condition preowned uniform as possible without charge, although donations where affordable will of course be most welcome, and token payments may be requested for some items depending on the availability of funding and uniform donations.

Our sponsors The Deli Group have started the ball rolling with a donation of 100 items of brand new uniform and will continue to add to this throughout the year, in the hope that we can open the bank up to parents and children during the school summer holidays ahead of the new term in September. 

We’d ask that all of our supporters who may be in a position to contribute please keep a keen eye open for items which may be reduced by retailers as part of seasonal stock clearances, as this is often the easiest way to pick up basic items at very affordable prices. Aldi, for example, currently have uniform items for primary school aged children reduced to as little as 29p in some of their stores.

Please watch this space for a further announcement in the coming days once the future structure of Uniform Bank and the Nobody Should Be Hungry project as a whole has been finalised.