Community Fridge FAQ

A means of sharing surplus food, minimising food waste and working to reduce food poverty. It's freely accessible to the entire community, and works on the simple premise of "Take what you need, leave what you can."
Absolutely not! Whilst Newton Deli, which hosts the fridge, is a commercial operation offering a comprehensive menu and range of products available to purchase, everything within the community fridge is given freely.
Quite simply, as much as you need. The driving principle behind the initiative is that nobody should go hungry, therefore pease take whatever food you need to ensure that both you and your family can eat. Please, however, do not take more than you need.
The easiest way to help is simply to add food to the fridge for your friends and neighbours who may need a helping hand to benefit from. It's also possible to make a financial contribution, or volunteer your time to help with managing the fridge.
  • Packaged goods within ‘use by’ date
  • Unpackaged fruit and veg that is still good to eat
  • Food past its ‘best before’ date but within its ‘use by’ date that is still good to eat
  • Lion stamped eggs
  • Cooked food from registered businesses
Dry & ambient foods, toiletries & household products. Please see the "Community Fridge" page for more comprehensive lists.
  • Opened milk or other packaged food
  • Half eaten food
  • Any food previously frozen (unless labelled)
  • Any cooked food not from a registered food business
  • Alcohol